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    releases June 9, 2017

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ms. wakefield
new no. 1
books w/ no pages
feet on the trap / head in the noose
liberosis (i tried to tell you)
full metal nixon
scrape the paint
k-hole :/


releases June 9, 2017

all music and art by SUPER THIEF

recorded/mixed by Sean Rolie
mastered by Evan Kleinecke

SUPER THIEF is... Cody, Jay, Jordan, Ted

"Caustic rant and noise therapy for the terminally distorted soul, SUPER THIEF’s debut STUCK are anthems delivered from a ledge. Needling guitar lines and pointed observations shouted into the concrete abyss, fighting against the grind that humanity calls home.

The fight against routine. Stuck. Trying to make the commute on I-35. Stuck. The piece of gum underneath the movie seat you’re sitting in? Well, that’s stuck too. The cycle. The routine.

A would-be Touch and Go/AmRep band formed years after the glory days of noise catharsis rock when Jesus Lizards, Cows, Arcwelders and Amphetamine Reptiles roamed the fruited Midwest plains, SUPER THIEF’s debut album is not only a continuation of that heritage, but the kind of natural event that used to bury cities in ash. Vesuvius riffing on Sisyphus. Stuck. Bring a geologist or at least oven mitts, STUCK should not be allowed near open flame.

Erupting at two-to-three-minute intervals, the songs are steeped in dissonance, a fusion of driving melodies and eyes-rolled-into-the-back-of-your-head slow builds. Pointed and unconventionally melodic guitars combine with high intensity drums and unrelenting bass. The short sharp jagged boil of SUPER THIEF sets the air on fire, vocals jumping from spoken introspection to incendiary verbal detonations, blasting waves of intensity but never at the cost of a pervading melody or hook."

- Paul Stinson



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SUPER THIEF Austin, Texas

noise punk from Austin, TX.

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Track Name: i don't know about you or your band
done been STUCK here
played the sad sack
no one's buying it
no one

i don't know about you or your band
we all got one
we've been STUCK

i never sold myself out, but i might now
don't wanna be
don't wanna be STUCK

back at the same bar
drinking on a free tab
no one's buying it
no one tips

we've been trying out
we tried a lot of things
i sought stadiums
i feel dumb